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Review Monitoring, Marketing & Management

We are a hands-off review collection and marketing firm. Our done-for-you review management system utilizes a multitude of ways to capture, monitor and market customer reviews.  With 100s of different directories and review sites to choose from, we’ve got review management down to a science.

  • Multi-channel review request system
  • Automated, customizable reports
  • Email alerts for new reviews across the web
  • Show star rating in the search engines
  • Embeddable Review Stream for your testimonials page
  • Push positive reviews out to social media platforms

Take control of your brand and reviews and start letting your customers do your marketing for you!

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Our System Includes Review Monitoring, Review Marketing
and Review Management

Review Monitoring

Part of effectively managing your company’s online reviews is to be continually monitoring for new reviews.  You need to show Google and other users that there’s a real person behind your brand by responding to reviews.  Our system monitors the web for new reviews and sends out email alerts as soon as someone posts a new review online.  Our staff are set up to receive these alerts and we go in and respond to these reviews on your behalf.  Our system is completely hands-free – all you need to do is look at your monthly online reputation reports to see the continual improvements in your company’s online reputation.

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Review Marketing

What’s the good of having a great reputation if no one ever finds out?  We make sure that doesn’t happen by marketing your positive reputation.  How?  Once we set up all the different ways to collect reviews – landing pages, on-site or via email, through our email signature widget by text message or by way of the Review Us button on your website – we then filter out and publish the positive reviews online.  All 4 and 5-star reviews are set up to auto-publish on your website as well as on your company’s Facebook and Twitter pages.  The first step is getting great reviews.  The next step is to market those reviews and let everyone know how awesome your company is!

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Review Management

Effectively managing your company’s reputation comes down to being able to collect reviews from happy customers and then getting as many people to see those reviews as possible.  By directing positive reviews to the platforms that matter most to your company, we’re able to systematically improve your company’s online reputation.  We collect positive reviews from your customers – and then publish them on the platforms that matter most to your business – Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, BBB etc.  And for negative reviews, our system gives you a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression by filtering out negative reviews before they get posted online.

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reputation management stats on number of people who read reviews

Reviews Get Read

If almost everyone reads reviews, it would make sense that the more highly reviewed a place is, the more customers that place would get through their doors.  Being successful in the world of online reviews comes down to

  1. being able to offer your customers an easy way to review your company.
  2. being able to offer your customers a variety of ways to review your company.

Not everyone is computer savvy and not everyone has a Google account or not everyone is on Facebook.  It’s because your customers are so different that your approach to review collection and marketing has to be different.

reputation management stats - people trust reviews

People Trust Online Reviews!

In fact, there is only one form of advertising that is more trusted than online reviews – and that’s reviews from a trusted friend, colleague or family member.  Online reviews then become a very important and trustworthy way for the average consumer to be able to tell if they want to do business with a particular company.

If you are running other advertising for your business but you have a poor review rating online, you’re wasting your advertising dollars!!  Usually, the first thing someone does after seeing an ad on TV, a billboard, on the radio, in a newspaper or on a website, is to go and google that business to find out what other people are saying.  What are reviewers saying about your company?

reputation management stats - how influential reviews are

People Take Action Based on Reviews

People trust reviews.  It’s as simple as that.  And the more in-depth the review is, the more people trust it.  As consumers, we’re not stupid.  We know when a company is trying to game the system or when something feels just “not right” about a particular company’s pattern of reviews.  You know it yourself when you google a company and start reading through the reviews.  You can tell the people who have been there before and the people who haven’t.  Once you implement the RM3 review collection system, you’ll have more reviews than you know what to do with.  And because you’re targeting customers who love you, you’re getting all top notch reviews….on the platforms that matter the most to your business.

reputation management stats - good reviews are under represented

Unhappy Customers Have Bigger Mouths

You’ve heard the old saying back in the day about how a customer with a negative experience will tell so many more people than someone who’s had a good experience.  Well, this is similar insomuch as people with negative experiences tend to try to tell as many people as possible about their experience.  And you can likely attest to the other side of that equation…. people who have positive experiences don’t talk to as many people about it.

That’s why you need to ‘coerce’ reviews from your happy customers 🙂

reputation management stats - good reviews are waiting to happenYour Customers WANT to Leave You a Good Review!

While over 90% of customers read reviews, there’s only a small 6% of people who actually write reviews.  And this can be for a number of common reasons like:

  1. They didn’t know how to leave you a review
  2. They didn’t have time to leave a review
  3. They forgot to leave you a review

With RM3, there are multiple ways to solicit reviews from your customers so that it’s easy for anyone – no matter their computer level – to leave a review for your company.  And we don’t just ask once and let it go.  We have an automated outreach system that nudges customers into taking that helpful step and leaving a review for your company.

reputation management review funnelReview Solicitation Funnel

The easier it is to review your company, the more reviews you’ll get and the higher your review rating goes (of course, we’re assuming that your customers love you and that you provide an outstanding service or product).  At the top of the funnel we have all the different ways to get someone to leave a review – email outreach, landing page, review us button, email signature widget etc.  At the next stage of the process, the system is walking the customer through how to leave a review on the platform of their choice – making the process as painless as possible. The final stage of this review funnel is to engage with the clients who leave reviews by responding to each review.