How Our Review System Works!

Step 1: Get Customers Into The Review Funnel

We have a variety of tools and widgets designed to get your customers into the review funnel.

review solicitation landing page

Review Solicitation Landing Page

Send your customers to a branded and customized landing page.  The landing page is set up so that it filters out negative reviews, sending these reviewers to a form where they can explain to the business owner why they had such a bad experience.  This allows the business owner to deal with the negative reviewer personally before they have a chance to post their review online.  If, however, the review is positive, the reviewer is sent directly to a page that shows the different directories they can leave a review on.


on site review form

On-Site Review Mode

Have a tablet on-site to get customers to leave you a review before they leave your business.  The problem with most review companies is that they tell you to collect reviews at your place of business not realizing that this is likely to get you banned from Google.  Collecting Google reviews on site is against Google’s Terms of Service.   So what our system does is it collects reviews on site which then get uploaded directly to your website (see Review Stream below).  The system then follows up with an email sequence to get your customer to leave the same review online on the directories of your choosing.

Since Google can tell by IP addresses where the reviews are coming from, they would quickly be able to determine that you are collecting Google reviews at your place of business.  At the very least at this point, they would remove all the reviews that came from that IP address and demote your page in rankings.

Email Signature Review Widgetreview solicitation with email signature widget

We provide a simple copy / paste widget for your staff to add to their email signatures.  This widget is integrated into the system and acts similar to the landing page.  If a user has a negative experience, the review gets filtered out and sent to management.  If they have a positive experience, the system takes them directly to a page where they can choose which platform they’d like to post their review on.

review us button for websiteReview Us Button

We provide a small snippet of code that you can add to your website so that your customers can leave a review directly from your site.  Once a customer clicks on this button they will be directed to the landing page

email review solicitationAutomated Email Review Solicitation Sequence

Upload your customer list and the system will send out emails to your customers – a couple at a time – to get them into the review funnel.  The email sequence typically consists of a 3 email sequence which is designed to move your customer towards taking action and completing a review.  The first email is sent out straight away and then the second a couple of days later and then the third a few days after that.

Step 2: Filter Out Negative Reviews

Our system filters out negative reviews to give you a second chance with your customer.

Below is what the reviewer sees once they click on the Thumbs Up.  As you can see in the image, the system tells you when the reviewer is logged into the platform as well as which platforms (such as the BBB) that don’t require users to log in to leave a review.  This is particularly helpful if you have some very non-techy clientele that wouldn’t know how to log into Facebook of Google.

leaving a positive review

Once the reviewer clicks on any of the directories listed on this pop up, they will be presented with a short list of instructions on how to leave a review on that particular platform.  Here, for example is what a reviewer would see after they click on the Google button to leave a review.


leaving a review on google

And here’s what a reviewer will see if they click on the Thumbs Down indicating that they are about to leave a negative review.  This personalized form speaks directly to the reviewer explaining how sorry you are that they had a negative experience with your company – and letting them know that you’re there willing to make things better.

leaving a negative review

This is a very important step that filters out negative reviews so that the business owner has a chance to deal with the reviewer personally.  This form gets sent directly to the business owner rather than being posted online on Google, Facebook or some other directory.

With our system, you get to catch bad reviews before they get posted online!


Step 3: Manage Reviews

Our system sends out alerts so that you can respond personally to your customers!

Done For You Review Management System

We collect all your reviews in our backend database.  From here, our staff can choose which reviews get displayed on your site.  We’ll also send you a monthly report outlining all the details of your new reviews, score, platform etc., as well as alerting you as new reviews come in.

review management backend

Step 4: Publish Positive Reviews

First we get the positive reviews and then we push them out to your website and on social media.

posting reviews on facebook

Review Marketing – Pushing Out Positive Reviews

Getting positive reviews and filtering out negative ones is only half the equation.  The other half of the equation is the marketing part.  Our system is designed to push out positive reviews – on your site and on your social media channels.  Positive reviews get automatically added to the Review Stream (your testimonials page) on your website.  In addition, when people see your business in the search engines, your page will have your star rating appended to the listing.

And then further market your company’s solid reputation by posting your 4 and 5-star reviews on Facebook and Twitter.

Step 5:  Get More Customers

A higher star rating means more customers. It’s that simple.  Our system gets your business more stars which in turn brings in more customers.

Research done at Harvard Business School shows that increasing a business’s rating by one star can increase their revenue by 5-9%.

There have been many studies done regarding the increase in business that is attributed to an increase in a company’s online rating.  The more positive reviews you get for your business, the more customers you’ll see through your doors.  It’s really that simple.  And so is our system!  We take care of every aspect – from setup to configuration to alerts and reporting, we do it all.